Christmas flowers

Tropical snow has arrived. It’s almost December and the ground is covered in snow. Okay not real icy snow, but it’s just as beautiful in a tropical way. Take a walk along the beach first thing in the morning and you will see that the ground is covered in morning glory (locally referred to as Christmas flowers) in full bloom.

Now isn’t that pretty?


Bread and Bun

It’s 4:15 pm and I expect to hear the yells of, Peng, our wheel-barrowing creole bread and bun salesman any second now. Oh, there he is! “Paassin tru. Creole bread and bun. Anybady kyan buy. Mi no pasial, Mi no racial, Anybady kyan buy!” How the man is not completely hoarse by the end of his rounds is still beyond me.

Colors of Placencia


I just love how a little, or in some cases, a whole lot of paint can make the world of difference. Here are some of the fabulous colors that decorate Placencia.


Culture Day at School

Culture Day at the St. John’s Memorial School was a huge success this year. Congratulations to the kids and teachers for all their hard work. As it was Nov 19th (Garifuna Settlement Day) this kid entertained us with the traditional Jankunu dance.