Bread and Bun

It’s 4:15 pm and I expect to hear the yells of, Peng, our wheel-barrowing creole bread and bun salesman any second now. Oh, there he is! “Paassin tru. Creole bread and bun. Anybady kyan buy. Mi no pasial, Mi no racial, Anybady kyan buy!” How the man is not completely hoarse by the end of his rounds is still beyond me.


2 Responses

  1. Craving ‘Bread & Bun’ right now. Especially the Bun! Great blog , Fi!

  2. Yeah I often wonder the same thing. How does he keep from going hoarse?…….. I have actually jump out of my seat at work when I did not realize he was in the immediate vaccinity when he started his sales pitch…… But the bun is yummy, although I have sworn off it for a while now. It is just too easy to finish one off before you realize it……

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