Calm waters

 On boxing day we headed to the beach  in an attempt to exert a small amount of energy and burn a few Christmas dinner calories off.  And besides it was a beautifully calm day.
Kai tested his new cast net.
Liam basked in the sun after a little snorkeling.
Tourists paddled.
 Well some did, others just enjoyed the float.

Cast Net

My oldest son has a true passion for fishing and any other creature capturing event so is thrilled with his christmas present of a cast net.
He seems to have mastered the art of the toss already.
Where did all the little fishies go?
I can’t see for the reflection.

Christmas Pickney

Placencia pickney performing in the Christmas Play
Accompanied by Ms. Kathy and Ms. Tracey on Christmas Eve a group of kids took to the street and sidewalk singing Cgristmas carols.

Down at the dock.

The setting sun glimmers on the water and the boats as the yatchers get prepared to head out to sea for the holidays.

Can’t miss this new paint job.

A once boring white with blue trim building has been given a new face lift that can’t be missed.  All things bigger and brighter for 2008.

Now that’s bright GREEN!  I love it.

And look how fun it looks next to the purple house

Missy spreads the Christmas Cheer

Only one week to Christmas and everyone’s getting in the mood. Even the dogs…….

Smile Missy!


and it’s chilly today. Bet that sweater feels good.

Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nature’s Patterns

Seagrape leaf


Periwinkle and a little ant


Palmetto frond.