Sunset over Placencia Lagoon


I love sunsets and have taken a bazillion (wow spell check says that is really a word) pictures of them. Last nights was extra special. As we drove home the sky was on fire and so I insisted on a photo stop.


At 5:15pm it looked like this.


At 5:16 pm it looked like this. I just love the swirls above the sun.

This is by far my favourite.


Then my other half said “can we go now” and I had to leave.

At 5:52 pm it looked like this. No where near as impressive but nice all the same.


And then just 2 minutes later the oranges returned.


3 Responses

  1. I feel the need for a visit coming on!

  2. You know you are welcome anytime.

  3. Ms. Corol from Rum Point shared this site with me, her daughter! I remember my dad, Mr. George, always making Tico and me and anyone else come and look at the sunsets every night from 1971 on….thank you so much for taking the time to take such beautiful shots and keeping Placencia in people’s memories…love the morning glory’s too.

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