Last nights critter experience.

Placencia has lots of cute critters and I have boys (sometimes cute and sometimes not so cute!) And friends with boys (who are also in the sometimes cute and sometimes not so cute category). Some how critters and boys just seem to be attracted to one another.

A cute little spider.

Okay, maybe it’s not that cute.

So last night my oldest son yells, “Look ma, A really cool dragonfly”. “Yeah whatever”, I say, till he sticks it right in my face.


Cause that’s what boys do. “Oh, it really is pretty. Hold on. Don’t let it go! Wait! I have to get my camera.”

I have to admit, he was right, it really is pretty cool.

And he thought so too.

And here are some past boy and critter encounters.

Like my new tail?

and then there are the snakes and lizards…

Yuck, please don’t kiss it!

“It might bite your lip, you know”



2 Responses

  1. Knowing your eldest’s past history with critters – the lizard-types especially the last shot REALLY makes me cringe. How many iguana bites and exploding stick bug drama has he suffered?………

  2. that’s the Kai I know and love!

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