First there’s the blossom………..

then the amazing fruit with the nut  attached.



These pictures were actually taken almost a year  ago when a keen cricketer for England was visiting in Placencia.  On hearing that cricket had once been the sport of choice in this village, he managed to rally up the old boys for a friendly match and fundraiser.
Barefeet of course!


Beach Chairs

These chairs are waiting for you……..

Weed Head

It takes a true Placencia boy to know just what fun seaweed can be.

It all starts with the gathering of the seaweed!

Once you’ve got yourself a nice big handful, what better thing to do with it than plonk it right on top of your head.

See now doesn’t that look cool? And seaweed is supposed to have some great natural elements that are good for you. So there’s bound to be lots of natural goodness oozing into his head.

And if you don’t like that particular look you can style in into a nice big Afro.

Or pretend that you have dreads and toss your head around wildly.

And when you’ve had enough just toss it all away.

And say, “YIPEE, that was fun!”

Little Red Bird

It was a birders paradise in our  back yard yesterday.  I have no idea why but there  were tons of little birds around, including this beautiful little Tanager.  I followed  him (or her) round and round in search of the perfect photo.   These are my favorites.

Here he is sitting on the neighbour’s clothes line.

And here he is up a tree, right where little birdies belong.

And now off to the fence he goes.

Lets see what’s down here on the ground.

And back up into the trees where little birdies belong.

Yummy Street Food

Some of the best food is street food.  Here are some  delicious garnaches.  Fried corn tortillas tooped with refried beans and grated cheese.   A little shake of hot sauce on top and they are perfect.
 Then there are Salbutes which also have a fried base (corn masa) and are then topped with shredded chicken, shredded lettuce and fresh salsa.   And if I am making them jalapenos and lots of cilantro.

Picture perfect end to 2007

The year 2007 ended with beautiful blue skies and calm waters.