Art and Soul Signs



What’s under there?

This picture reminds me of being a kid. Get down on your belly and either hang over the side or peek through the slats. There always seemed to be something interesting sheltering from danger under the pier. But for what ever reason (we become preoccupied, boring or just down right lazy) as an adult I rarely do this anymore. Note to self, must look under pier more often……..
Laid out on pier

Street Vendors

Kids at Play

The Shak

The Shak owned by Magda and Skip has relocated to a fabulous beach location down by the dock. It’s looking great and the food is as good as ever.

Placencia Art Festival

Finally back to my blog! Sorry about the lack of Placencia updates over the last month but there was a holiday to Trinidad to deal with. Check out for some of those photos. I returned all relaxed and raring to go only to then have my hard drive take an almighty CRASH! Still trying to recover from that.
Anyway back to Placencia.
Feb 9th and 10th was the weekend for the Annual Placencia Art festival. My morning started with some nice coffee and yummy baked goods being sold straight out of a dorey.

Then I got my stall all set up and ready for sales.

Although there didn’t seem to be as many artist as in past year there was still some great art to see. These are some of my favorites.

There was even an opportunity for some body art by Anton Leslie

Here’s one fresh off the needle.

There was art for the kids.

And food for the hungry.

The day ended with a really fun auction done by the Peninsula Citizens for Sustainable Development. There were lots of goodies to be had including some great art.