Sports Day

This morning we got up and were in the village before the sun had even risen.

And that’s early for our family.

It was the primary schools Sports Day which always starts with an early morning Marathon. Everyone gathered down by the dock and waited for the, “On your mark, get set, go!”, command.

My son Kai ditched his slow poke mum, dad and brother and took off like the wind. Go Kai Go!

And it was worth it as he came first in his division (Infant 1, 2, Standard 1 and 2).

Daddy and Liam came in a little later. Go Liam Go!

As the kids arrived back at the finish line they lined up on the fence to watch the others finish.

The scores were recorded.

Kai for the younger kids

and Jonelle for the older kids.


2 Responses

  1. Fiona:
    Great pictures! Makes us want to go back sooner.
    Hope all is well. Say HI to Kai and the dogs for us!
    Pete & Carey

  2. Go Kai!!!

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