Donation to Placencia Primary School

Yesterday we received a fabulous donation to the St. John’s Memorial School Building Fund from Reagan International. This is the nice first step towards the $116,000 we need to raise in order to do the required expansion to the existing school building. We hope to add 2 classrooms, a computer lab and an administrative office during the summer this year.


Love is in the air.

Some shots from a wedding I did last week.

Street signs

A new look for Placencia. Check out these new signs that are going up in Placencia village. Apparently the village has been divided into multiple sections and themes. The first signs going up are all creole names for fish.

Down by the sea

Here in Placencia that’s exactly where most kids spend their time. It’s so nice that the beach and the sea are part of their daily life.

Down by the sea in Black and White.

Down by the sea in color.

Which do you prefer? All comments appreciated.

Tiny Yellow Bouquet

Up a tree

That’s exactly where I preferred to be when I was a kid. It obviously rubbed off on my son.

The Placencia Resort