Down by the sea

Here in Placencia that’s exactly where most kids spend their time. It’s so nice that the beach and the sea are part of their daily life.

Down by the sea in Black and White.

Down by the sea in color.

Which do you prefer? All comments appreciated.


4 Responses

  1. i think the b& w because it distills the message of the image. It make sit more timeless and iconic.
    My two cents 😉

  2. I prefer the B&W….I love B&W photography. Nice job.

  3. The sea is so beautiful….in full color.

  4. I prefer the b&w because it gives me a feeling of long ago when there was no color film…and I love antiques and black & white photos that tell a story. It just takes me back to a time of carefree days on the beach as a kid with nothing on earth I’d rather be doing than exploring for shells!

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