Global Garbage

At the beginning of the week we got a warning from Whippary Caye that there was a huge island of garbage heading for the mainland. Well yesterday it arrived. What a mess! Mostly really small pieces of plastic that look like they have been bobbing around in the ocean for quite some time. I wonder just where it all came from.

Heading out for new photos now, as I understand that the Placencia Sanitation, Village council and the public have done a fabulous job at cleaning it right up.


French Louis Caye Feast

Tuesdays wedding was held at French Louis Caye which is just 8 miles off shore and as aways it was a pleasure going there. The snorkeling is fantastic, the Caye beautiful and the food was fabulous.

Wedding at Placencia’s French Louis Caye

I’d rather be at the beach.

Bakader Placencia

Here’s a few shots from yesterdays evening stroll down Bakader. With the kids away the house is too quiet (can’t believe I actually just said that) so I think I’ll be taking lots of walks.

I guess things are pretty quiet for the Moorings too as there are many a boat in the harbor.

And for those with nothing better to do, there’s always fishing.

And with out the distraction of the kids I can stop and take photos of little things like wild grass.

and strange reflections in the water.

The dogs will be happy for the increased walks also.

Fishing Time

Almost every evening you will find the older ladies heading out to the point for an evening of fishing, conversation and friendship.


Up he pops.

Gives me the eye.

And off he goes again.