Bakader Placencia

Here’s a few shots from yesterdays evening stroll down Bakader. With the kids away the house is too quiet (can’t believe I actually just said that) so I think I’ll be taking lots of walks.

I guess things are pretty quiet for the Moorings too as there are many a boat in the harbor.

And for those with nothing better to do, there’s always fishing.

And with out the distraction of the kids I can stop and take photos of little things like wild grass.

and strange reflections in the water.

The dogs will be happy for the increased walks also.


One Response

  1. hello. I was born in Placencia my name in dion eiley..
    My Mother is Gloria Eiley. and Glenn Eiley is my uncle.
    so as you can see I’m from the Eiley Family. I now live in las vegas. yes that las vegas. If you can put some pictures of any of the Eiley family. that would make my day every day.. thanks,
    P.S. Tell the family that DION said hello.

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