Global Garbage

At the beginning of the week we got a warning from Whippary Caye that there was a huge island of garbage heading for the mainland. Well yesterday it arrived. What a mess! Mostly really small pieces of plastic that look like they have been bobbing around in the ocean for quite some time. I wonder just where it all came from.

Heading out for new photos now, as I understand that the Placencia Sanitation, Village council and the public have done a fabulous job at cleaning it right up.


5 Responses

  1. wow! unbelievable, those pictures!

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  2. Some folks that live up Seine Bight way just posted on another forum about the same trash washing ashore there. I do not know if anybody has picked it up yet.

  3. WOW! I was up this morning photographing what washed up further up the peninsula by us. Mamma Mia! Not as bad as the village, but still an unbelievable amount.

  4. Thanks for alerting us to this environmental emergency. I know plastic is mostly inert, but what a huge amount of mess to have to clean up. I guess we can assume it represents a fraction of what originally was dumped, and that the plastic, because it is all similarly buoyant, stuck together? Or is there a plastics recycling facility “upstream?”

    Glad it was cleaned up, and I was pointed in this direction from a fellow blogger. Keep up the guerilla reporting! It’s how we find stuff out!

  5. Some people see garbage…. I see things for crafting!!! i would go crazy picking though that to make stuff!!! incredible imagination i have huh!!! LOL

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