Bugle Caye

It’s so hot on shore I want to be right back out at Caye. Submerged in water is the only way to be right now.


Gone to Caye

Now it’s my holiday time. Gone to Caye with the kids and friends for a week. Will be back with lots of photos next week.

More Placencia Homes

Here are a few more homes from up the North end.

and can I just put my house right here……..

Placencia color

I love color contrast and lately I seem to notice it everywhere.

North End of Placencia Village

For some reason I hardly ever make it up the North end of the village via the side walk. Which is actually a real shame as it makes for a very nice walk. It is so much quieter up that end with little to no commercial business at all. Apart from house rentals, and some really cute ones at that, there is little else in way of busirnesses along the sidewalk and beach once you get past D’Tatch.

And for a while now I have wanted to start documenting all the buildings that make up the village, so I took this walk as an opportunity to start my Homes of Placencia category.

I don’t even know who most of these houses are for. If you do……name that house!

Bright and Beautiful

BETEX in Placencia

BETEX is a five-day travel industry event which is held every 2 years. It offers an opportunity for travel trade professionals to met with local suppliers, learn about Belize and experience the destination first hand. Local providers get to show case their services and have a chance to met personally with many international travel aents and wholesalers. This year it was decided to decentralize the market place sessions. Instead Mini Market Place sessions are being hosted in various destinations through out Belize. Placencia got prepared for just that yesterday and will have sessions all through the weekend.

And I was thrilled that some of my photos got requested for the Placencia BTIA’s Banners.