North End of Placencia Village

For some reason I hardly ever make it up the North end of the village via the side walk. Which is actually a real shame as it makes for a very nice walk. It is so much quieter up that end with little to no commercial business at all. Apart from house rentals, and some really cute ones at that, there is little else in way of busirnesses along the sidewalk and beach once you get past D’Tatch.

And for a while now I have wanted to start documenting all the buildings that make up the village, so I took this walk as an opportunity to start my Homes of Placencia category.

I don’t even know who most of these houses are for. If you do……name that house!


2 Responses

  1. i’m already counting the days until my next visit 😉

  2. this is jacki with the red hair’s house…

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