Placencia Purple


Feeding the gulls

My boys tossing old bait to the birds.

Monkey river

Placencia Sidewalk Art Festival 2009

Placencia Sidewalk Art Festival

Last weekends art festival was once again a great success and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect.

And since I had to work my booth I sent my 5 year old off with the camera. Well done Liam!

More to come tomorrow.

Rotarians at Work

This week a group of Rotarians from The US are here to lend a hand at the construction of the upper floor of the School. On Monday in the rain they formed a chain gang and moved 700 blocks up the stairs. Walls are rapidly being completed. Next step windows. We still have a long way to go but hopefully we will continue to get the support needed and come Sept there will be some brand spanking new classrooms. If you’d like to help by making a donation please contact me by making a comment on this post. I am the Treasurer for the PTA and would be more than happy to help you, help us!

Blue skies

Finally some decent weather. Please, Please, Please let if last.

The flowers are happy.

We can see stuff in the sky again. Hello plane. Wonder where they’re going?

And more to the point I can do laundry and we can have clean clothes again.