Rotarians at Work

This week a group of Rotarians from The US are here to lend a hand at the construction of the upper floor of the School. On Monday in the rain they formed a chain gang and moved 700 blocks up the stairs. Walls are rapidly being completed. Next step windows. We still have a long way to go but hopefully we will continue to get the support needed and come Sept there will be some brand spanking new classrooms. If you’d like to help by making a donation please contact me by making a comment on this post. I am the Treasurer for the PTA and would be more than happy to help you, help us!


5 Responses

  1. Great Progress!

  2. Whoop! Whoop! Rotary Rocks!!!!

  3. I would like to make a donation towards the school. That was my old school way back when and it’s great to see people coming together to help out the community. Please let me know what I need to do. Thanks.

  4. Hi Fi…do you do donations thru Paypal? Let me know and I will send something. I’m curious to know if they didn’t allow anybody locally to help out? Or if there were no offers? lol!


  5. Fiona, this is a great blog – love the pictures. You are the PTA treasurer? Please email me, I have some additional questions for you about the school, and perhaps the library?

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