Sapodilla Cayes

I recently got to visit Belize’s most Southerly Cayes. On Easter Monday I took a day trip with Aquatic Adventures to Hunting Caye and Lime Caye. Through out my life I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to visit almost all of Belize’s Cayes that lay along the reef, except for these. They were absolutely spectacular and I would like to encourage everyone to hop on a trip down there. These cayes are regularly visited by visitors from Guatemala but most of us Belizeans never get there. So please add it to you list of places to visit.
We stopped for a short visits at Hunting Caye.

Hunting Caye,Southern Belize

Hunting Caye, Southern Belize

Huge shady tree on Hunting Caye, Southern Belize

Dorey at Hunting Caye, Southern Belize.

And then spent the rest of the day at Lime Caye.

Lime Caye, Southern Belize

Lime Caye, Southern Belize


3 Responses

  1. lovely photos!! I’ve never been down there….but maybe this trip!

  2. it’s a PERFECT spot for some condo’s, 50 room hotels, spas, golf course, a mall, marina,
    yeah baby!

  3. looks lovely and unspoiled. Maybe we can do a trip next time we visit? That would be fun!

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