2:30 am Earthquake

I now understand the saying “rude awakening”. That’s what we had this morning. We were all rudely awaken to the crazy shaking ground. Saying that the house rocked and rolled seems like an under statement. I must have been in a deep sleep cause I was totally disorientated or maybe that was the big ass mirror that smacked me in the head.

Earthquake, Placencia

I finally got to my kids and got us outside but by then it was pretty much over. Thank god cause that was enough.

Here are some more pics of the damage in Placencia.

My living room.
Earthquake Placencia

Seahorse Dive Shop. Now afloat.
Earthquake, Placencia

House off it’s stilts and on the ground.
“Earthquake, Placencia”/>

Cracks in the wall at the school.

Holes in the ground where water spouted.
Earthquake, Placencia


7 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for posting these photos. We live in the Stann Creek area just north of Independence. We heard that there was damage in Placencia but could never get any confirmation. We wanted to find out how badly Seahorse was damaged. Thank God that everyone there is ok.

  2. My family and I are scheduled to arrive in Placencia next Saturday for a 2-week stay at The Inn at Robert’s Grove. I called the hotel and they insisted to me that there is absolutely no damage to the property or in the area surrounding the hotel and that they are fully operational. I find that hard to imagine, given the pictures you posted, that there are no cracks in the pools and that the plumbing is working and that the water is potable. Do you have any information on this?

    I’m so glad that you and your children are okay and no one is hurt.

    • We just got back from Placencia. It was beautiful and I hope you have a good time there. However, you should be aware that Belize gets its electricity from Mexico. So if Mexico (also hit by the quake) doesn’t have power, Belize won’t either. The last day we were there, all electricity to Belize was off b/c Mexico didn’t “feel like” living up to the agreement it has with Belize to provide electricity. I think you should make sure the hotel has power unless you don’t care about A/C. Trust me it’s hot as hell and I live in South Texas, so I know hot. You will want A/C. And don’t let any of the hotels tell you they have generators. They may very have them, but if the power goes out, those generators are note big enough to cool the rooms or the restaurants.

    • we have a home in placencia and mostly the land by the pier was hit and no major damageor injuries ,just people shaken up a lot . Roberts Grove is up the peninsula and has full onsite restaurants ,shops,etc. you will be fine and ENJOY

  3. glad you and your family are ok, and that no one else there was hurt. Thanks for posting pics.

  4. I’m scheduled to arrive in Belize City on june 6th. We don;t have reservations in any one area yet and was wondering if any of the popular cayes (ambergris, etc) were adversely affected? thanks!

  5. Hi. Glad you are ok. Great photos! I love Belize and will move there soon. I will be a regular viewr of your Blog from now on. I really appreciate you.

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