A little about Placencia

Placencia is a small village located at the end of a peninsula in Southern Belize. A one time laid back fishing village which was isolated from the rest of the country is rapidly changing due to the influences of tourism and development. In this photo blog I hope to capture and catalog the essence of Placencia as it was in years gone by, as it is today and what it will evolve to be in the future.


16 Responses

  1. Hey, This is soooooooooooo coooool!

  2. Fiona, you have captured that tropical feeling which we love so much. The colours really stand out and make the pictures come alive.

  3. Fiona, great pictures. You are becoming quite a professional with the quality of the shots I’ve seen so far.Your pictures describe the beauty of our Village without words. Keep up the good work. da Juan mon

  4. nice one finess the pics brought back some wonderful memories. will get my skinny milinkey but down your way one day. the irony is there is snow everywhere here and have just returned from a photographers take on the snow and mountains. i is still a wee beach bum all the same. a rod reel drink and jetty is all you need big love ian

  5. love the website fiona, you’ve got some brilliant photos and placencia looks beautiful! will have to get there at some point on my travels!

  6. Great photos Fiona! Just the thing I needed on our first day back in the snow and gloom of a Northern winter. After 2 weeks “on the peninsula”, your pics were a welcome reminider of color and warmth, away from this cold outpost.
    Deb & Wayne

  7. These are really good piccies Fiona, all your practice certainly tells – what a beautiful part of the world you live in – happy Christmas!

  8. Hi Fiona, Your Mum sent me the link to your photo pages. They are great! i have a photo of a fisherman throwing his cast net that I took in Guyana – I was SO proud of working out that I had to click before he threw. Gosh over 12 years ago – way before digital cameras.

    Anyway – thanks for sharing your photos. As well as Kai fishing, I loved the red bird. I’d like to see more bird photos.

    Thanks Again

    Annie Robson

  9. I need an 8×10 of this at least. The tiny one I got doesn’t do it justice! Fabulous colors!

  10. great photos!!

    i added you to the link list..

  11. Wonderful blog Fiona! The pictures are fantastic!

    I´ve added you in my favourite’s list and make sure I check for new pics every week. Being far away in Sweden I enjoy looking at old familiar places as well as trying to figure out new ones.

    Thank you!

  12. Super pics and I love the blog commentary too!

  13. great pictures, makes me think i’m there…..

  14. Hi Fiona!
    I read that you say September is usually nice weather? I am hoping to come for a photoshoot in September but we are so worried about rain!

  15. Hi Fiona, love the pics. I would like to ask you what´s the best way to get to Placencia by land (no car) ? Im in Nicaragua , and i know i can get to Guatemala city ,but I can´t seem to find info on how to get from there to Placencia. And what about accomodations, can you recommend some affordable hotels ?

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