My favourite tropical flower……….



Kriol Taakins

Having grown up in Belize I go back and forth between creole (Kriol) and English all day long depending on who I am talking to. So today I decided it’s time to bring a little Kriol to my blog. So from now on look out for little bits and pieces of Kriol Taakins. And if you don’t have one already make sure to get yourself a Kriol – Inglish DIKSHINERI. It’s the only dictionary that I have read from front to back.

Wan pikni di rilaxs ina wan doari.

Priti Flowaz

Flowers of Placencia

Two toned Hibiscus.

Two is better than one.

I really want this in my yard. What’s it called? I know it as poor mans orchid.

And my favorite. The periwinkle.

Aren’t they just so damn cute?

Bunch of Bananas

Banana Flower

Blue skies

Finally some decent weather. Please, Please, Please let if last.

The flowers are happy.

We can see stuff in the sky again. Hello plane. Wonder where they’re going?

And more to the point I can do laundry and we can have clean clothes again.

Bright and Beautiful

Craboo Time.

The Mangoes are nearly done and now it’s craboo time. Placencia has lots of craboo, both wild and what is locally known as Corozal craboo. The wild craboo are small and sour, where as the Corozal craboo are just that bit plumper and way sweeter. The ground behind my shop is and will be scattered with fresh craboo for the next couple weeks. Makes for an easy snack!