South Water Caye

Growing up we used to go to South Water Caye at least once a year and usually for a full week or 10 days. In fact on more than one occasion my parents pulled us out of school for such trips. When I think of my favorite childhood memories, South Water Caye definitely tops the list. But for some reason a good ten years had gone by with out me stepping foot on this caye, until this last month. I am thrilled to report that it is just as beautiful as ever.







September Celebrations, Placencia Belize

The Party month is done…………Bye Bye September!









Tropical Storm Matthew, Placencia Belize

So as stated yesterday September is my favourite month mostly because the weather is so beautiful with hot sunny days and incredibly calm seas. Oh, that’s until a Tropical Storm or Hurricane decides to come our way, as charming Matthew did last weekend.

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Picturing Life in Placencia

So for all sorts of reasons this blog has sat stagnant for the best part of the last year. I will not bore you with all the various reasons why this is so but instead just plow right back in.

September has always been my favorite month mostly because the weather although hot (which is never a problem for me) is just perfect, with endless days of flat calm seas and blue skies scattered with big white fluffy clouds.


Placencia Point

Placencia Weddings

My favourites from two weddings I shot last month.

Placencia Wedding

Placencia Wedding

Gales Point Christmas Bram

Took a trip to Gales Point Yesterday in the hope of hearing some good drumming and experiencing a traditional Creole Christmas Bram. I was not disappointed. It was a great day filled with the spirit of community. The drumming started at one end (pine ridge) of the village in the early afternoon at this home.

Gales Point,Belize

Then we headed down the road.

Gales Point, Belize

To the next house.

Gales Point, Belize

And out came the fork and coconut grater.

Gales Point, Belize

Followed by the pig tail bucket.

Gales Point, Belize

Followed by the Fanta bottle.

And at each stop the villagers brought out and shared Christmas cake, home made rum popo and rum.

Gales Point, Belize

A few more songs and off to the next house. The crowd got larger and larger.

Gales Point, Belize

Gales Point, Belize

Gales Point, Belize

Finally ending with the sambai as the darkness of the night drew in.

Gales Point. Belize

We left at 7pm and the party was rocking and I can only imagine would go on well into the night. It was a great day and could well become an annual tradition for my family. Will plan for an over night next year.

Battle of the Drums

I am so happy that I got to make the trip to Punta Gorda to see Battle of the Drums. Drummers from Barranco, Seine Bight, Dangriga, Belize City, Livingston and Honduras put on a great show along with their dancers. It would definitely be an added plus to understand the language but the dancers did an awesome job of telling the story with their acting. It was like being at the theater.
Battle of the drums

Battle of the drums

Battle of the drums

Battle of the drums